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Prag/Praha, Mutter Gottes auf dem Tein (Teinkirche)/Chrámu Panny Marie před Týnem

Prag/Praha, Mutter Gottes auf dem Tein (Teinkirche)/Chrámu Panny Marie před Týnem

Johann Heinrich Mundt 1670/71

Mundt's organ set an example for the counter-reformation organ style: Reduction of reeds stops in favour of fundament stops of varying timbres. In its time it represented quite an impressive  instrument of 26 stops which, however, would have been considered rather appropriate for a small town further north in Saxony, not for the central parish of the capital city of the kingdom of Bohemia. So it also signifies the different ideas and expectation of an organ in protestant central Germany or like here in the Habsburg empire.


Music sample

Georg Muffat : Toccata 9a in e
played by Jaroslav Tůma



Prinzipal          8’
Flöte                 8’
Salicional         8’
Copula major  8’
Quintaden        8’
Octave              4’
Copula minor  4’
Quinta major   2 2/3
Superoctav      2’
Quinta minor   1 1/3
Sedezim           1’
Mixtur 6f.
Cimbel 4f.

Copula major   8’
Prinzipal           4’
Copula minor   4’
Octav                  2’
Quint                  1 1/3
Superoctav        1’
Rauschquint 2f.
Mixtur 3f.

Subbaß      16’ (open)
Octav            8’
Superoctav  4’
Quint            2 2/3
Mixtur 6f.



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