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Spring City (Pennsylvania), Zion Lutheran Church

Spring City (Pennsylvania), Zion Lutheran Church

David Tannenberg 1791

State of preservation: Transfered into the new church in 1861; in 1881 transfered within the church and removal of the original stop Quinte 3’. Restoration after the the original design of 1791 by Taylor and Boody in 1998.

Tannenberg's organ for Spring City is one of the few which survived the critical phase of replacement of the 18th century churches in the following century. Usually these 2nd generation of churches was planned on a bigger scale, and the old organs were considered too small and therefore replaced by new instruments.


The sound design of this organ shows a growing distance from the style of central German small organs. There is neiter a single thirds nor a mixture stop, and therefore gives a softer appearance matching the changes of fashions towards 1800. The double 8' stops, metal as well as wood, open as well as stopped, resembles English organ style.

Music sample
The Old Munnikhysen March
played by Philip T. D. Cooper

Manual compass C-d3

Principal dulcis 8’ (C-H stopped)
Gedackt 8’ (wood)
Principal 4’
Flaute 4’ (open)
Quinte 3’ (1998)
Octav 2’


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