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The Greifenberg Institute of Organology is a private non profit GmbH ("Ltd.") under German law in Greifenberg near the Ammersee for research, documentation and re-construction of historic keyboard - at present with a focus on grand pianofortes before 1800. 

The research, reconstruction and repetition of historic craftsmanship and working procedures in keyboard instrument making are a major part of our activities, combined with research of contemporary musical and cultural contexts of these instruments.

In accordance with the guidelines of the international organisations of museums ICOM and CIMCIM we consider "restorations" of original historic instruments for playability purposes a severe danger of grave damage for, if not loss of, our cultural heritage.

Therefore our institute develops ways - by various methods presented on our homepage -  to scientifically document, reveal and re-engineer technical, practical and sound features of the cultural heirloom "original musical instrument."

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We offer professional training as a piano maker combining traditional as well as modern standard techniques (crafts apprenticeship in the German educational system).


The sound of our instruments can be experienced in our workshop concerts. 



Workshop concerts


Projects at present

Instrument facsimiles

after an anonymous Instrument from Tannheim (Tyrol), ascribed to Franz Jacob Späth, Regensburg c1770; private collection
grand after an anonymous instrument, south german c1780
after a grand by Anton Walter c1782 (original in Vienna Technisches Museum)
bentside spinet after J. H. Silbermann (1767)
grand by Gregor Deiß, Munich c.1815 (collection of our Institute; recent documentation project for replication)
workshop concert No 1 / 2020 
workshop concert No 1 / 2020
measuring room 
measuring room

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