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Poitiers, Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

Poitiers, Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

François Henri Clicquot and Claude-François Clicquot 1787-1791

State of preservation: Repairs and changes 1813, 1821 (repositioning 2e Trompette), 1833, 1871 (bellows, new pedal keyboard), 1926 (electric blowers), 1954, 1967, 1976; restoration in 1988-94 by Jean-Loup Boisseau and Bertrand Cattiaux

The biggest organ by François Henri Clicquot who died in spring 1790, was built in the latest years of the «Ançien regime»; his son Claude-François finished the organ in 1791. Its durability is legend; when the window behind it was replaced in 1838 the organ was exposed to weather and birds without damage.
The sound font of this organ represents the „Ultima ratio" of French style. There were no wishes left unfulfilled whether in the formation of the solo keyboards Recit and Echo, the pedal equipment with flute and powerful reed stops  in 16', 8' und 4', the reeds with solo stops as well as numerous trumpet stops and a rich Grand Jeu and Plein Jeu; all usual - and even thinkable - prescriptions in French organ compositions of the 17th and 18th centuries were thus accomplished.

Music sample

Louis Marchand (1669-1732) : Dialogue (Livre Posthume 1740)
played by Jean-Baptiste Robin



Grand Orgue (HW):
Montre                 16’
Bourdon               16’
Montre                   8’
Second Huit Pds   8’
Bourdon                 8’
Grand Cornet       [8’] 5f.
Prestant                 4’
Grande Tierce       3 1/5
Nazard                   2 2/3
Doublette              2’
Quarte de Nazard 2’
Tierce                     1 3/5
Fourniture 5f.
Cymbale 4f.
1re Trompette       8’
2e Trompette         8’
Voix humaine         8’
1er Clairon             4’
2e Clairon               4’

Positif (Pos):
Montre                  8’ (from F)
Bourdon                8’
Dessus de flûte    8’ (from a0)
Cornet                  [8’] 5f. (from c0)
Prestant                4’
Nazard                   2 2/3
Doublette               2’
Tierce                     1 3/5
Plein-Jeu 7f.
Trompette              8’
Cromorne               8’
Clairon                    4’

Récit: (g0-e3)
Flute                        8’
Cornet                    [8’] 5f.
Trompette               8’
Hautbois                 8’

Echo: (g0-e3)
Bourdon          8’
Flûte                8’
Trompette       8’

Clavier de pédales (P):
Flûte              16’ (stopped)
Flûte                8’ (open)
Flûte                4’ (open)
Bombarde     16’ (from A’)
Trompette        8’ (from A’)
Clairon              4’ (from A’)

Tremblant mixte, Copula à tiroir


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