Krone Krone

Kirchheimbolanden, Peter und Paul

Johann Michael Stumm 1745

This is the maybe most famous organ by the Stumm workshop, not the least by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart playing on it during his visit at the court of Princess Caroline of Nassau-Weilburg in laten January 1778. The epithet "Mozart organ" given in 1943 saved it from further changes and modernisations.

The organ in Kirchheimbolanden reveals many features of the Stumm family style: the installation of the positive into the main case, the placement of the console on the side, divided sliders of reeds, a wealth of colour ranks in 8' and 4' and characteristic borrowings of French style ranks (Cornet, thirds) transfered across the Rhine not only by Silbermann or Riepp but also by the Stumm family.



Hohlpfeife          16’
Prinzipal              8’
Hohlflöte              8’
Viola da gamba   8’
Quintaden            8’
Oktave                  4’
Flöte                     4’
Salizional             4’
Kornett               [4’] 4f. (D)
Quinte                  22/3
Superoktav          2’
Terz                       13/5
Mixtur 4f.
Trompete             8’ (B+D)

Hohlflöte            8’
Flauto traverso 8’ (D)
Prinzipal            4’
Rohrflöte            4’
Oktave                2’
Salizional           2’ (D 4’)
Quinte                 11/3
Mixtur 3f.
Krummhorn      8’
Vox humana       8’

Hohlpfeife                       8’
Flauto traverso              8’ ( D)
Rohrflöte                         4’
Prinzipal                          2’
Salizional                        2’ (D 4’)
Quinte                              1 1/3
Krummhorn/Trompete 8’ (B/D)
Vox humana                    8’

Prinzipal                        16’
Subbaß                           16’
Oktave                               8’
Posaune                         16’

Couplers  HW/P, HW/UP


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