Krone Krone


Joest Sieborg 1642/43

State of preservation: Complete in the state of 1643, restored in 1955.

The Westerhusten organ was built by Joest Sieborg in 1642/43, Sieborg reused 5 stops of a previous organ so he only added the Gedackt 8’ and Mixtur.

The organ survived time without changes. The restoration by Ahrend und Brunzema in 1955 achieved playability without changes of original material.


I+aP (C-e0)/7

Gedackt       8'
Quintadena 8' (a1642)
Praestant    4' (a1642)
Octave          2' (a1642)

Quinte           11/3 ' (a1642)
Mixtur 4f.
Trompete      8' (from c1 a1642)



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