Zlatá Koruna (Goldenkron), Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (Abteikirche Mariae Himmelfahrt)

Charles Luyton : Fantasia
played by Jaroslav Tůma

Abraham Starck 1699

State of preservation: In late 19th century tuned to chamber pitch by rewiring the action. In 1941/43 the instrument suffered some grave interventions in stops, mostly reversed again during restoration in 1984 by Vladimir Šlajch.

This organ is undoubtedly an esthetic masterpiece. When in late 17th century organ builders began to divide organ cases in separate parts for reasons of better light or for decorative reasons, only rarely the older style with architecture elements was joined with the symmetry of the new divided concept with such success. All elements relate to another, are reduced or identical images and so unify the different divisions to a a delightful whole.




Principal      8’
Flétna           8’
Salicional     8’ (1943 replaced by Fugara 4’)
Octava          4’
Quinta           3’ (1984)
Superoctava 2’
Quinta           1 1/2’ (1984)
Mixtura         1’ 5f.

Copula           8’
Principal        4’
Flétna            4’
Quint              3’ (1984)
Octava            2’ (1984)
Sesquialtera 1 1/3’ + 4/5
Mixtura          1’

Principalbas  16’
Subbas           16’
Octavbas          8’
Quintbas           6’
Superoctavbas 4’


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