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Stams, Zisterzienserabteikirche, Chororgel

Stams, Zisterzienserabteikirche, Chororgel

Andreas Jäger 1757

State of preservation: Original; after war damage restored in  1951/52 by Johann Pirchner

The Stams choir organ is a slightly enlarged version of the organ model Jäger developed for his medium sized instruments. In comparison to its sister instrument, the Füssen St. Mang choir organ, its specification contains three additional stops. The available space is used with even slightly more efficiency, the pipe ends crooked in obtuse angles to follow the bends of the lid and having sufficient space to speak freely. The case is almost completely filled with pipes which nonetheless sound without obstruction and allow tuning without obstacles. The organ front to the inside of the choir can be closed by shutters, the keyboards hidden by the bench so the organ is no longer perceptible as such during Easter week.


Music sample:
Stephan Paluselli (1748-1805): 4. Schlagstück, from "Sogetti diversi"
played by Franz Haselböck


Prinzipal     8’
Copl             8’
Gamba         8’
Viola             4’
Flaut            4’
Quint            2 2/3
Superoctav  2’
Cornet 3f.
Mixtur 3f.
Cimbl 3f.
Subbaß      16’


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