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Wies (in Baden), Evangelische Kirche

Wies (in Baden), Evangelische Kirche

Georg Marcus Stein 1787/88.

State of preservation: Almost complete (except from certain pipes and bellows)
The organ was built by Stein for the Lutheran St. Jakobskirche in Gernsbach; moved to Wies in 1855/56; in 1917 the front pipes were requisitioned. Restoration in 1963.

The instrument reveals, to what extent French (Alsatian) models influenced organ building east of the Rhine, but with the inclusion of certain south German fashions. A comparison with Silbermann instruments  shows Stein following a French basic design, replacing French reed stops with several 8', 4' and even 2' variants, and including the softer reeds Vox humana and  Krummhorn as solo stops in the lower positive following south German practice. Whereas the pedal as is could appear in any organ west of the Rhine, the common pedal coupler is a rare element further west.

Georg Marcus Stein's work bridges the influences of the two masters Johann Andreas Silbermann uand Johann Andreas Stein in a personal way, without having had any options to build instruments comparable to theirs. Usually the expectations of church superiors did not match their readiness to spend the necessary means.


II+P; manuals C-d3


Principal                     8’

Bourdon                    16’ (from c 0)

Cornet 5f.                         (D, from c 1)

Gedackt                      8’

Waldflöten                  8’

Spitzfloet                    8’

Octav                           4’

Flöten                         4’

Quint                           3’

Super Octav               2’

Flagonet                     2’

Terz                            1 3/5

Mixtur                        1’ 4f.


Bourdon                     8’

Rohrflöten                  4’

Octav                           2’

Cimbale                      1’ 2f.

Vox humana               8’

Krummhorn               8’



Subbaß                       16’

Octavbaß                     8’

Posaunbaß                  8’

Clairon                         4’


Couplers manuals, HW/P, Tremulant


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