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Irsee, ehem. Reichsabteikirche

Irsee, ehem. Reichsabteikirche

Balthasar Freywiß 1752

State of preservation: Case pipes, actions, console and wind chests original.
The Irsee organ adapts the model given by Joseph Gabler in Weingarten following Freywiß'  ideas. Some features like the pattern of the crown positive or the doubled string stops are directly linked to Gabler, some peculiarities like the „Fugara“ stop the two open diapason ranks (metal and wood) and the reduction to only one 8' pedal reed stop with an instrument of this imposing size show elements of the taditions of the Ehinger workshop in Aitrang succeeded by Freywiß, and influenced by the proximity to Tyrol


Music sample:

Ferdinand Tobias Richter (1649-1711):
Suite I in d (Toccata, Capriccio, Allemande, Courante, Minuett)
played by Roland Götz

Disposition (1752):



Principal                   8’
Coppel                       8’
Gamba                       8’ 2f.
Solicinal                    8’
Quintadena               8’
Subprincipal              8’
Octav                          4’
Flötten                        4’
Spitzfletten                4’
Rohrfletten                4’
Sesquialtera              2 2/3 ’ 2f.
Mixtur                         2’ 6f.
Cymbalum                  2 2/3 ’ 4f.


Coppel                        8’
Flautta douce            8’
Principal                    4’
Fletten                       4’
Fugara                       4’
Viola                           4’ 2f.
Superovtav                2’
Mixtur                        2’ 5f.


Principalbaß                16’
Subbaß                         16’
Octavbaß                        8’
Violonbaß                       8’ 2f.
Quint                               5 1/3
Hohlflautten                  4’
Cornet                            4’ 5f.
Fagott                             8’

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